Common Mistakes Made When Consuming CBD

  • by Liz Pace
Common Mistakes Made When Consuming CBD

The effectiveness of CBD (cannabidiol) will depend on an individual’s metabolism, the quality of the hemp and its potency.  More and more people find relief from stress, anxiety and sleep issues by routinely using CBD.  Understanding the common mistakes many make can save time and money.

  1. Consistency in Consumption

Some people will feel the effects consuming CBD right away, while most will need to build up to the effectiveness over time.  The benefits of taking CBD are gradual, so don’t give up to soon.  Consider a daily routine for a minimum of two weeks as the effects build up with consistent use.

  1. Consumption Amount

CBD’s effects will depend on an individual’s tolerance and metabolism. There is not an industry standard for dosage yet, but many have found a daily dosage of 10-20mg to be tolerable and beneficial.  Some consumers will find higher amount per day provide relief while others will prefer taking smaller doses multiple times a day works better for them. The biggest key to avoiding the mistake of not taking enough is starting with the average and increasing it over time to discover the right dose for you.

  1. Questions About Manufacturers

Asking questions about a manufacturer’s products and processes are an important step.  Quality and potency vary from brand to brand, so knowing some important details will be helpful. Following are some questions you may consider:

1. Is it organic?

Organic hemp is a product free of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and genetically- modified seeds.  Organic hemp is cultivated the old-fashioned way by crop rotation method.

2. Is there third-party lab testing?

Third-party lab testing provides unbiased analysis of the CBD product.  These tests are proof of the hemp’s purity potency and quality.  It also ensures the CBD is free from harmful compounds like heavy metals and pesticides.  Unbiased testing is critical step in the manufacturer’s process.  If a company does not have lab test readily available and visible on their site, consider moving to the next company.

3. What are the other ingredients?

Simple, organic, natural ingredients that are clearly listed on the label help make the best CBD products.  Knowing what is in the products you are consuming provides an additional layer of confidence in the manufacturer.


A little due diligence and homework go a long way when starting a CBD health routine.  Knowing the common mistakes helps you be prepared so you can avoid them.  Learn more.


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