How to Properly Store CBD Products?

  • by Lourdes Staff
How to Properly Store CBD Products?

Storing your CBD products properly is the key to making sure they're effective and safe. Unfortunately, many people don't know the proper way to store their hemp extract. Storing your CBD in a cool, dark place can keep it fresh and effective for a long time.

Where should you store your CBD?

The best way to store your CBD products is in a cool, dark place. Generally, that means a cabinet or drawer in a room that has little-to-no exposure to sunlight. The less light and heat your products are exposed to, the better! Avoid storing them near bright lights or heat sources since these elements can affect their stability over time.

Also be sure not to keep your CBD products close by any household cleaners, essential oils, or other strong scents—this can also negatively impact their stability and potency over time as well.

Can you store CBD in your bathroom?

If you are using hemp extract, you may want to store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing hemp extract in your bathroom. Bathrooms are often damp and humid, which can damage any products that contain water-soluble ingredients such as the CBD oil found in hemp extracts. The humidity in bathrooms can also cause mold growth on materials like cardboard boxes if they are left out for long periods of time without proper air circulation or drying out from use. Additionally, bathrooms tend to be close to other rooms like kitchen or laundry room, so there is greater chance of contamination from other things stored near your medicine cabinet.

How to keep your CBD safe and effective?

To keep your CBD effective and safe, store it properly.

  • Store your CBD in a cool, dark place. Heat and UV light can degrade CBD, so don't store it near heat sources or windows where the sun's rays can hit it.
  • Don't store your CBD near strong scents. Smells should be kept to a minimum as well—you don't want to breathe them in constantly every time you open up your medicine cabinet.

In order to get the most out of your CBD products, you need to properly store them. It's recommended that you keep your products in dark, cool places like your cabinet or closet where they won't be exposed to light or heat. You also want to keep your products away from moisture as much as possible since it can destroy nutrients and lead to mold growth.


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