What is CBD Bioavailability?

  • by Lourdes Staff
What is CBD Bioavailability?

You may have heard that CBD is a great natural remedy. Maybe you've even taken it yourself. Maybe you've noticed some benefits, or not. Either way, you want to know more about what exactly this substance can do for you and why and how it works the way it does.

CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t get you high like other compounds found in marijuana plants do because it lacks THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD has many therapeutic effects on its own; however, it can also be used as an additive or supplement to other medications.

You have probably heard the term bioavailability, but what does that mean?

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that actually enters your bloodstream when consumed. So if you take a CBD capsule and it says on the label "50mg per serving," but only 10% of those 50mgs actually absorbed through your digestive system and into your bloodstream, then your bioavailability was only 10%.

This is especially important when considering how much CBD you're getting from an oil or tincture versus how much you'd be getting from an edible product. There's more surface area for absorption, more room for molecules to make it into your blood stream—which means greater absorption overall for any given dose. You can maximize bioavailability by choosing products with high concentrations of pure CBD.  Here are some tips on choosing high quality products:

  1. Choose High Potency CBD Products – the higher concentrations of CBD ensures a greater amount of bioavailability
  2. Choose Organic and USA grown – hemp plants absorb whatever chemicals are used and, in the ground, it is important to know your products are organic with no pesticides or heavy metals
  3. Choose Third Party Lab-tested Products – lab testing is a must when it comes to choosing quality CBD products as ensures purity, safety and consistency

The bioavailability of CBD is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of your CBD treatment. In simple terms, CBD bioavailability refers to how much CBD is actually absorbed by your body when you take it orally or through other routes such as inhalation or sublingual administration.  The higher the potency, the higher the level of absorption, the more effective and useful it will be for treating various conditions from inflammation and pain to anxiety disorders like PTSD and depression.


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