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CBD organic tincture

4000mg CBD + 2000mg CBG

Every body is diffferent; dosage and consistency is key to positive results. High potency CBD is what is used in research studies and the only tincture we believe is best. CBD oil is generally priced $.04 -$.20 per mg; our CBD oil is priced at $.06 per mg.

Mind Body Blend comes from the whole plant, it has over 100 cannabinoids and boasts over 4000mg of CBD and 2000mg of CBG to aid in your wellness routine.  CBG is a rare cannabinoid, known as the mother of all cannabinoids. With both potentially therapeutic and healing benefits, CBG enhances the healing remedies of our CBD oil.

In addition to its cannabinoids and high potency, Lourdes' Mind Body Blend has all the hemp profiles, including the terpenes and flavonoids.  Mind Body Blend treats the whole body with whole hemp.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

25mg CBD + 15mg CBN

Our Good Night Gummies are formulated to help you get better deeper more lasting sleep. They are made with pectin, not gelatin, which makes them vegan friendly.

Good Night Gummies are made with functional natural ingredients. We not only use the right dose of CBD, but also add natural botanicals that encourage a path to better rest. Additionally, we add CBN, one of the most powerful sedatives in nature produced in the hemp plant.

CBD and CBN, along with functional botancials like passion flower makes our Good Night Gummies a great natural alternative to get a peacful uninterrupted night of sleep.

We do not use stimulating artificial sweetners to make our gummies. Good Night Gummies are sweetened by the natural occuring flavor straight from the raspberry fruit.

CBD Body Balm

1250 mg CBD

You don't have to be an athlete to experience the muscular aches and pains that living can induce. Natural aging and regular daily activities can cause muscular and joint aches and pains. Our body balm or better known as CBD salve is the perfect remedy to combat these issues.

Different than other brands, we use a large amount of CBD in our easy twist up salve. You'll find 1250mg of CBD in our Harmony Body Balm. We have also taken the time to uncover the best support ingredients to enhance the effectivenes for muscle and joint comfort.

Our salve is made with menthol crystals, camphor oil and essential oils like lemongrass, black pepper and ginger oil. We use minimal ingredients whose only purpose is to magnify CBD's healing properties for sore achy muscles and joints.


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